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Drum Chipper

Drum ChipperStationary Chippers

The drum chipper is an extremely robust equipment used to triturate the most varied types of material, like solid wood such as small diameter logs and log cores or waste material such veneer, veneer trims, slabs and etc. Its constructive form and robustness guarantee reliability and long life of the equipment in continuous working regime.

⦁ Robust equipment, suitable for severe and continuous work;
⦁ Cutting system with two anvils, one main and a secondary one to chip oversized material;
⦁ Chips outfeed screen to ensure greater size homogeneity;
⦁ Rollers with machined teeth to allow an efficient feeding of the material to be chipped and tempered in order to guarantee wear resistance;
⦁ Upper infeed rollers, especially used for large volume materials such as branches or barks (optional);
⦁ Feeding table with conveyor belt;
⦁ High sensitivity tunnel metal detector (optional);
⦁ Automatic feed control system that stops the belt in case of overload and automatically returns to working speed.


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