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Fezer performs a shipment of last generation Peeling Line – Fezer S/A – Empresa de engenharia de máquinas para produção de lâminas de madeira, lâminas de compensado, máquinas para a indústria madeireira e para a indústria mecânica em geral. 
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Fezer performs a shipment of last generation Peeling Line

Fezer performs a shipment of last generation Peeling Line

With continuous investment in innovation and technology. Fezer performs another shipment of last generation peeling line to one of Russia’s largest plywood manufacturers. The line is the fastest and with the highest level of automation ever produced by the company. Composed of: log feeder and step feeder unitizer, XY electronic centering machine with new centering algorithm, peeling lathe, waste clipping gate, veneer formats 5×5′ and 5×10′, automatic pallet feeding system and moisture meter that allows the separation of veneer by humidity level. All the machines have been fully assembled and tested in our factory, thus guaranteeing total safety and functionality of the equipment. The first machine for this customer, a Roller Dryer, was supplied in 2007. In the coming months, the company will deliver another set of equipment including: drum chipper, chipper for bark, knife grinder, modernization and expansion of a dry veneer classification from an European competitor and also a spindleless peeling line. This, once again, indicates the high confidence the companies operating in the Russian market place in FEZER products in the last decades.

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